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11 PM is the starting point of Emily Wants to Play.


This hour introduces the player to the story, while none of the enemies are active. They can be found around the house but they will not attempt to kill the player, instead, they will simply disappear and turn the lights off (with the exception of Emily, who kills the player if they go into the hole that leads to the basement). This allows the player to explore the house and listen to the tape recordings scattered throughout Emily's house. In the kitchen, the drawing board says "Let's play at midnight".

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WARNING: This article may contain spoilers!

11 PM is the sixth hour of Emily Wants To Play Too.


Dubbed "The Quiet Hour" by some fans, 11 PM features no antagonists attacking the protagonist, and passes by a lot more quickly than other hours. Waiting long enough will progress the game to 12 AM. If the player backtracks to the wall that Emily burst out of, they can traverse the vents to encounter a hidden room. If the player takes too long to reach the hidden room, Chester will become active to chase down and kill the player. Once the player reaches the hidden room, they will find information on a puppet master named Vult Ludere and the three original dolls, Chester, Kiki, and Mr. Tatters. In this room, time will not progress to 12 AM until the player exits the room, no matter how long they wait. Players must find and pick up a Black Keycard that will allow them to exit the hidden room and return to Area 1, as well as unlock extras in the Main Menu.


  • Players must run from Chester if he spawns. (Vents)

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