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1 AM is the third hour in Emily Wants to Play.


This is the first hour in which Mr. Tatters becomes active. He and Kiki will both try to attack the player, and they can spawn at the same time.

Mr. Tatters will spawn within the vicinity of the player and kill if he/she moves until a sigh is heard.

Since Mr. Tatters loses patience quickly, he should always be handled first. Kiki will remain spawned for a longer time and does not kill automatically.

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WARNING: This article may contain spoilers!

Emily wants to play too pc chester by danytatu-dbwq7uj

Here's Chester!

1 AM is the eighth hour of Emily Wants To Play Too.


In this hour, the protagonist must run from Chester for a certain amount of time. Unlike other hours, Chester chases the player for an extended amount of time before giving up, and will appear much more often. Surviving Chester long enough will progress the game to 2 AM.


  • Players must run from Chester if he spawns.

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