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4 AM is the sixth hour of Emily Wants To Play.


All of the dolls leave and you face 1 on 1 with Emily. She wants to play Hide & Seek. You have 75 seconds to find Emily. At the start of the hour, Emily will turn off all the lights. Switching them back on before the game ends will cause Emily to kill you.

It is important to find the flashlight before this hour as it is especially useful now. 

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WARNING: This article may contain spoilers!

4 AM is the eleventh hour of Emily Wants To Play Too.


In this hour, known as "Freezie Tags" the protagonist must chase all seven antagonists and tag them before time runs out. Once all the antagonists are frozen, the game progresses to 5 AM.


  • Players must meet the time limit.
  • Locate and tag all seven antagonists.
  • Emily - Can unfreeze the other dolls.
  • Kiki - Pretends to be frozen.
  • Chester - Can run very fast.
  • Mr. Tatters - Can freeze you every so often.
  • Greta - Runs away if she hears you.
  • Maxwell Steele - Can only be tagged in the dark.
  • Weasl - Can unfreeze the other dolls, same as Emily.

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