5 AM

5 AM is the seventh hour of Emily Wants To Play.


In this hour all of the enemies, including Emily, will be active. Unlike 4 am you now have 90 seconds to find Emily while keeping an eye out for the dolls. It is best to stay close to a door in case Chester chases you.

If players manage to survive this hour, they must immediately make their way back to the front door to escape.

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5 AM is the twelfth hour of Emily Wants To Play Too.


In this hour, the protagonist must find a place to hide in the building. The player must turn the lights off and stand out of sight to prevent the antagonists from finding them. The antagonists move faster than usual, and will find and jump-scare the player on the spot if they aren't properly hidden. Hiding long enough will progress the game to 6 AM.


  • Players more or less cannot move, make noise, or have any lights on. It is recommended to find a corner of a room that is out of sight and stand still.

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