Emily wants to play Wikia
Emily wants to play Wikia

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers!

7 AM is the last hour of Emily Wants To Play Too.

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In this hour, the final hour of the game, the protagonist must escape Central Evidence before it burns to the ground. The antagonists have set the building on fire and confiscated all fire extinguishers. Players must exit either through the main entrance, or the entrance in the warehouse from Area 2. Only one exit is accessible in one playthrough. Weasl is still an active threat in Area 3.


  • Players must find a way out.
  • Players must avoid the fire barriers.
  • Players must meet the time limit.
  • Players must disable Weasl’s music box before the song ends. (Area 3)


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  • All three endings must be completed, as well as finding the archive chamber at 11 PM to unlock (extras) the door in the start menu.

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