905 Sister Street is the main setting of Emily Wants To Play.


905 Sister Street is the address of the Withers family. Emily Withers and her parents, Maggie and Herbert moved here, though Emily disliked the home from the start. Emily's behavior began to change at home, and at school. Eventually, the girl was presumably expelled from three different schools due to her behavior. Emily found a box of three dolls in the basement of the house. She began to talk to the dolls "as if they could hear her". Emily died in the basement, though there was no evidence of how it occurred. The parents had no idea on how to explain the death, nor did they understand how the dolls began appearing around the house. After their daughter's death, and the disturbance of the dolls, the couple had planned to move out but were killed by the dolls before they had the chance.

At some point afterword, a Pizza Delivery Man from Checkers Pizza was called to deliver a pizza to this location. He stepped inside and was locked in from the hours of 11 PM - 6 AM. Here the delivery man plays games with the dolls and Emily.

Rooms of the House


  • The name of this location is not revealed until Emily Wants To Play Too.
  • A photo of the home is not shown until the end of Emily Wants To Play Too.
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