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The Basement is a location in Emily Wants to Play. It's where Emily's parents kept her locked.


The Basement is a generic basement, however, it is exceptionally larger. It has shelves and lockers in some areas.


The Player can go inside the basement at any time using the first entrance.

Entrance #1

Closet Door

The lamp to access the basement and the closet door.

In order for the player to enter the basement, the player must interact with the lamp that's top-left of the closet door in what appears to be Emily's parents' room. Once this entrance is revealed, the player may now access the second entrance without getting killed by Emily.

Entrance #2


The second entrance to the basement.

The second entrance can be found through the door far right in the Kitchen, in Emily's old room. Upon entering the door, the player can find Emily crawling into a hole in the ground. The player cannot enter this area without finding entrance 1 first.

Inside the basement


"Map" of the basement made by Emily in one of her notes.

Inside the basement, the player can find several tapes scattered in different areas. These tapes were recorded by the mother describing Emily and her strange behaviors after moving into the house. The player can still be killed while in the basement.



Emily standing in a dark corridor.

Upon entering the basement using the first entrance, the player may encounter Emily. She can be seen standing in a dark corridor staring back at the player. Emily will not approach the player, but getting too close to her will cause her to walk away and disappear.


Dolls such as Chester or Mr. Tatters can appear frequently. Chester, however, is exceptionally difficult to outrun due to the fact that the basement is a single room, and that he runs faster than the player.


  • Emily was moved into the basement after her parents were worried about her behavior, later finding the dolls and dying of unknown reasons.
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