• BlueLobsterKing

    It is great to know that Shawn is bringing us fans yet another game in the series! He even said he is working on a new "terrifying multiplayer co-op"!

    At the moment, however, he is still very, very early in the development process. Until we get more information on the title, platforms, background, story, characters, and teasers, we are going to leave the creation of a new page for the game for another day. For now, let's just discuss it through blog posts or in the forums.

    Thanks for everyone's cooperation,

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  • Miss lulumoon

    This is wear all the Ewtp art is:)

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  • Miss lulumoon

    So I wanted to make au’s for this game cuz why not hope you like!!.

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  • Pey471

    Setting: The Circus

    Characters: Emily, KiKi, Chester, Mr. Tatters, Maxwell, Weasl, and Ludere

    Mechanics: death minigames revealing backstory,Curtains instead of doors,post hour cutscenes,and different tasks for each hour.

    Ending: The dolls are burned in the ritual and are no longer possesed by demons.

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  • Yoshenama1234

    Location: the house (first game)

    Chracters: Emily, Chester, Kiki, Mr. Tatters, Max, Weasl, Greta, Dolly (new)


    Emily: comes active at 4 AM - 5 AM. players must hide in a room until she goes away.

    Chester: comes active at 1 AM. players must tag him to avoid him.

    Kiki: comes active at 12 AM. her behavior is the same from the previous 2 games.

    Mr. Tatters: comes active at 2 AM. players must flash their flashlight at him.

    Max: comes active w/ chester at 1 AM. players must go to another room to avoid him.

    Weasl: comes active at 3 AM. his behavior is the same from the second game.

    Greta: comes active w/ Kiki at 12 AM. her behavior is the same from the second game.

    Dolly: comes active w/ Weasl at 3 AM. players must stay still to avoid her.

    ending: …

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  • DancingBOI

    Emily Wants To Play 3? Here are my ideas!

    Location: The House (first game)

    Characters: Emily, Kiki, Mr. Tatters, Chester, Greta, Max, Weasl, Dolly (new)

    Character Behaviour:

    Emily will start trying to attack you at 5 AM. To avoid her you must track her down and then look at her.

    Kiki will start trying to attack you at 12 AM, she is the first active doll/human. To avoid her you must flash your Flashlight at her.

    Mr. Tatters will start trying to attack you at 1 AM. He will spawn near you and walk slowly towards you. You must outrun him.

    Chester will start trying to attack you at 1 AM. He plays the same as Mr. Tatters.

    Greta will start trying to attack you at 2 AM. Here eyes have been put back in so she is harder to avoid. She will walk around the ho…

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  • BlueLobsterKing


    March 24, 2017 by BlueLobsterKing

    The Steam community has voted (self included), and Emily Wants To Play Too has officially become Greenlit on Steam!!

    -This means that the sequel is official and should be out "around summer" 2017!!!

    Congrats to Shawn!


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