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Emily Wants To Play is an indie horror game created by Shawn Hitchcock. It is the first game in the series.


At the beginning of the game, you find that the protagonist is a pizza delivery man from Checkers Pizza. He arrives at his last stop, 905 Sister Street, at 11:00 pm. As it is raining and the door is open, the protagonist steps inside to deliver the pizza, only for the door to close and lock behind him.

Throughout the house, one may find, notes, tape recordings, boxes, furniture, three strange dolls, and of course Emily herself. Players must follow the clues they find around the house to survive the trials from the hours of 12 am - 6 am.


  • Emily Wants To Play is similar to the game Five Nights at Freddy's, considering both games have the player begin at midnight and survive until 6 am.


Emily Wants To Play Greenlight Trailer - Steam Horror Game PC and Mac

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