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Maggie Withers is the mother of Emily Withers. Though Maggie is never seen, her voice can be heard on the recording tapes.


Emily’s mother Maggie had issues with depression and was advised by her psychiatrist to record tapes that would act as a diary. Maggie discussed the change in her daughter’s behavior after they moved to 905 Sister Street.

The tapes state that Emily got kicked out of school for the third time, for hurting another child. From that point forward, her parents started keeping her at home. Shortly after that incident, her parents found her speaking to strange dolls, but saw it as the first positive sign of normal behavior. Her parents had also gotten her a puppy, but the tapes state that Emily didn't like it.

Emily's behavior began to deeply disturb Maggie and her husband, as she started to stare at them in their bedroom while they would sleep. Eventually, they felt they had to move Emily into the Basement. The parents discovered a hole in Emily's Room, which they know she created though they did not understand why.

One day, Maggie went to the basement to give Emily some food, but found her and she wasn't breathing, nor did she have a pulse. Emily was pronounced dead by her parents, as they refused to call the police or tell anybody because they couldn't explain her death. Maggie later found the dolls throughout the house in random locations. She knew that they had to leave their home, but they were too late, discovering that the dolls were alive. Presumbably the dolls killed them.


Maggie's appearance was never seen nor mentioned.


  • Maggie's husband is Herbert Withers, who is currently deceased.
  • One of her worst fears is that the police will find out that she had locked her daughter (Emily Withers) in the basement, that is why she had her husband hide the entrance.