Emily wants to play Wikia
Emily wants to play Wikia

The Master Room is a location in Emily Wants To Play.


The Master Room is a small bedroom with a couple bed and some furniture. It has got the first entrance to the basement.


The player can find this room in the hallway, at the last door. Here, the player can find the first entrance to the basement, by interacting with the left lamp. Open the closet door and the floor will disappear, leading some stairs to go down to the basement.


  • When a player starts a new game and goes to this room for the first time at 11 PM, Mr. Tatters can be found there, seated on a chair. (But not all the times).
  • Between 12 AM and 3 AM, if the player goes to the dark room with boxes, Emily will appear in the window of the Master Room.
  • If the player gets close to the right bedtable, the TV will turn on and a reporter will be telling the incident that happened in that house.
  • When the player finishes the game, while the reporter is telling what happened, the camera will go through all the rooms, finishing at the Master Room.