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Tape Recordings are scattered throughout Emily's house that features Emily's mother speaking about what has recently happened

Emily's Room

"No one will help us. No one can help us. This house had a basement in it. We made a place for Emily down there. My husband hid the entrance so that no one can ever find it."

Guest Room

"My psychiatrist says I should start recording a log to help with my depression. He doesn't know it's all about Emily. I can't tell him anything about that, but I'll record myself anyway. Maybe it'll help."

Master Bedroom

"Ever since we moved in Emily started acting differently. She really liked our old house, but we had to move. I guess it really stressed her out, I don't know."

Basement Tape Recordings

"Emily hurt a girl in school today. She's not allowed to go back. This is the third school she's been to. We're gonna keep her home now."

"There was a box of three very strange dolls down in the basement. Emily talks to them as if they can hear her. Maybe it's a good sign. It's the first positive thing in a long time."

"We bought her a puppy. It was so cute. We thought it would help her. Poor puppy. Emily didn't like it."

"We're scared of our own daughter. She was standing in our bedroom last night, staring at us. We're going to start locking her down in the basement."

"A hole fell through Emily's old room into the other side of the basement today. We know Emily had something to do with it, but we don't understand what's going on."

"I went down into the basement today to bring Emily some food. She was laying on the floor lifeless... she wasn't breathing, she didn't have a pulse; she didn't have any injuries. We can't go to the police... how can we explain this?"

"Emily's gone, but the dolls keep appearing around the house. I don't know if this is just... me imagining it, or if this is really happening. Either way, we have to leave this place."

"Don't ever leave. We just want to play. We are one." or "They (or I) don't want to move. They just want to play. We are one."

Central Evidence Building (Emily Wants To Play Too)

"*sigh* Well here is another message to myself. I'm playing it again today. (Join us and you can play forever - reversed). What was that? Emily, what was that? Emily answer me, what was that?"

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