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I'm BlueLobsterKing. I have been editing on Fandom wikis for about ten years now, and its become somewhat of a little hobby of mine. I love open world action role-playing games.

Emily Wants To Play was one of the first survival games I ever played, but it seemed to be more difficult and exciting than it was terrifying!

If you need anything, feel free to leave me a message, and I'll see if I can help!

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Game Achievements

Emily Wants To Play


Emi hap.jpg Such a Happy Girl: This player has been scared by Emily.

Neverlet.jpg Never Let Them Leave: This player has found the recording of the dolls.

Joinus.jpg Creepy Invitation: This player has found the "Join Us" page.

Strangep.jpg Strange Parents: This player has found the secret entrance to the basement.

Peeka.jpg No Peek-A-Boo For you: This player has survived 12 AM.

Statu.jpg Statue-Like: This player has survived through 1 AM.

Youarenot.jpg You are not "it"!: This player has survived through 2 AM without getting caught.

Thatwasez.jpg That Was Easy: This player has survived through 4 AM.

Pizzapic.jpg MLG Pizza Delivery: This player has survived through 5 AM.


Sunli.jpg Warm Sunlight: This player has won Emily Wants To Play!

Listen.jpg U Got REKT!: This player did not get out of the house in time.

Emily Wants To Play Too


Em2chesterrit.jpg NOPE, I'm Out!: This player was so scared, they ran out faster than they ran in!

Neverlet.jpg Tragic Accident: This player died in the dark.

23sfnt4 reasonably small.jpg That was tough!: This player has found Emily three times and outmatched her friends! But wait, what smells like fire...?


Oldevach.jpg Old Evidence: This player has found classified information!

Em2letherin.jpg Let Her In!: This player chose wisely!

Em2gretaavatar.jpg Ma-ma Ma-ma: This player silently survived 8 PM.

Em2Maxavatar.jpg He Likes the Dark: This player survived the horrors of being stuck in the dark with a walking mannequin.

Weasl evidencess.png Pop Goes the Weasl: This player doesn't like the sound of music!

Thatwasez.jpg Midnight Hide And Seek: This player has found all seven antagonists in the dark!

Emrun2.jpg Faster Than a Dummy: This player ran an entire hour from Chester!

Weasl box.png Musical Lights: This player ran for the light!

Em2clock.jpg Good Times With Old Friends: This player survived 3 AM, wait...again?

Freezetagach.jpg Freezie Tags: This player is out of breath!

Thebrood.jpg Patience is Key: This player did nothing for an hour.